Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sites That Allow You To Borrow Gadgets From Your Neighbors

A service called SnapGoods, allows people to lend out their surplus gadgetry and various gear for a daily fee.

SnapGoods is one of the latest start-ups that bases its business model around allowing people to share, exchange and rent goods in a local setting. Among others are NeighborGoods and ShareSomeSugar.

The common thread of all these sites is that access trumps ownership; consumers are offered ways to share goods instead of having to buy them.

Instead of laying out $500+ for an ipad, through one of these sites, you could rent one for a lot less

For a better understanding of this business model, check out:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facebook New Zip Code Feature Allows Local Businesses To Target Local Customers

Facebook improvement to ad targeting in its self-serve tool, will allow local advertisers to target specific zip codes through the self-serve tool, Ads Power Editor, and Ads API

This will be beneficial for Katonah businesses who can now target potential customers within walking distance. Here are the details.

Monday, August 01, 2011

The Dealmap helps people save money with local shops.

thedealmap claims about 2 million users who check in to get access to deals from 450 sources that are organized by location. Users who log in via the website or mobile apps find deals in their area.

I checked it out and found that:

Willy Nick's Restaurant & Bar
$25 Gift Certificate, Your Price $10
You save 60 %
Expires 8/2/2011

Bookmark this site for future reference saving money while having a great local experience.