Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Idea For Local Teachers

In KatonahBlog, I have previously posted about sproutbuilder as a great tool to built widgets for anyone. I presently have one on the home page of - an interactive welcome widget.

In a Sproutbuilder blog post today, a wonderful idea is presented for how local teachers can raise money for special projects.

"Every year schools and teachers run out of money. Zero monies are left for individual teacher requests.

A ChipIn component added to a Sprout on a school web site or teacher web page would make it easy to raise money for special projects, and parents and community members could donate to one or more projects that held special interest for them."

Here is a demo of how the ChipIn component works:

If you know of any teachers, locally or otherwise, share this with them.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Dipity - A Time Line Web Service for Anything

Dipity is a cool web service that lets users create interactive multimedia timelines for anything.

Here are a couple of dipitys I found for Katonah:

Katonah TimeTube by Dipity

Katonah TimeLine Ticker by Dipity.

I would imagine the timelines you can create with dipity are endless. For those of you who like to look behind the hood, you can build multimedia timelines with the Dipity API.

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