Monday, February 28, 2005

Om My Closes

In October 2004, the Katonah Museum of Art commissioned Brooklyn artist Jennifer Zackin to create a site-specific installation in town to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The Om My exhibit ran from
November 4, 2004 to March 1, 2005.

Here are members of Katonah Village Improvement Society
helping to dismantel the exhibit.

Allison Chernow & Mary Beth Kass-
KVIS Volunteer Helping Out

The exhibit was made with the help of many volunteers who gave many hours of their time to bring this exhibit to life. More..

This was the Katonah Museum's first foray into the world of public art.

The goal of public art is:

  • To bring people together and engage them in the world they occupy.
  • To see art in unexpected places.
  • To stimulate conversation.
  • To access and enjoy art free of charge in the course of people's daily routine

The Om My Project was co-sponsored by
The Katonah Museum of Art and The Katonah Village Improvement Society

It is coincidental that today also marks the closing of the public art exhibit - The Gates - in New York City

Saturday, February 26, 2005

NY Lottery Allocation To Katonah-Lewisboro School District

I was looking up my lotto numbers at to see if by chance I was a winner - one can dream!

Since the NY Lottery is all about education, I
was curious as to what allocation was given to the Katonah-Lewisboro School District.

Here is the link.

Even shows the cumulative allocation since 1976.

With the way our school taxes are going up these days, do you think we should be asking our State Senator District: 40 Vincent L. Leibell, III can anything be done to up Katonah-Lewisboro allocation of NY Lottery money for education?

You can write to Senator Leibell here.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Weather Forecast for Monday is snow. We have been lucky so far this winter. Here is what it was like two years ago around this time. Posted by Hello

Classic Disneyland promo movie from 1956

With the winter blahs upon us and the idea of getting away to a place like Disneyland
here is a retro (almost 50 years ago) link to the 1956 film "People and Places - Disneyland U.S.A.". A Disney made film to promote the less than one year old park!

Part one starts with a flyover of the park

Part 2 starts in Adventurland and has footage of the Jungle Cruise.

Be aware that both videos are over 77MB in size. You must have a broadband connection
to watch these films. I just looked at Part 1 via Windows Media Player. It runs for 20 minutes.

This is an absolute classic.

Link to various media
clips - disneyattracions

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Community Board Re-Build

If you have not been by the Katonah Train station of late, there has been
a wonderful re-build done of the Community Board by the Katonah Village Improvement Society.

Community Board Before

Community Board After

Kudos! To Katonah Village Improvement Society

Idea: Gazebo- Katonah Information Center

Some years ago, in the heart of Katonah we had this beautiful Gazebo pictured above.
It was an interesting space in town. Some say too interesting, because it drew a lot
of teenagers and become a "hangout" if you will. I myself enjoyed the space and thought
it a welcome addition to the community.

Unfortunatley, it burned down. I don't recall the year, and yet since that time it stands as vacant unused space
in the heart of Town.

This is the way it looks today.

It struck me that would it not be a great idea to take the concept of the Gazebo,
and enhance it to house an Information Kiosk Center? The information center could be viewed as
a hybrid information and web site center.The Katonah Information Center would
blend Katonah's past, present and future in one central location. Local merchants could advertise
on the Kiosk to help support the operation and maintenance of the Katonah Information Center.

The Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. is a leading producer of kiosk centers in the
country. They have developed oudoor kiosk centers as well, which would more
then likely be the requirement for a Katonah Information Center.

Here are examples of outdoor kiosk currently on the market:

Here are examples of operational Community Information Center.

Informal Poll

Could you take a moment to register your opinion as to whether or not the Gazebo/Katonah Information Center is a good idea for this
unused space in Katonah.