Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Meet John Farr – Area Resident Online Film Enthusiast

I read a piece in the September 16, issue of Record Review about Bedford Resident John Farr, a life-long movie enthusiast.

John along with his wife, Olivia, have launched Farr On Film, with the byline Best Movies By Farr (he was an ad executive at one time) to share his knowledge and passion for timeless movies with others.

Here is great resource for that proverbial question “Have you seen any good movies lately?”

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katonah Area Residents Offering Housing for Hurricane Survivors

I just came across this link of Katonah area residents offering housing for victims of the Katrina hurricane.

Craigslist>Hurricane Katrina

Here are Cragislist links to the following Gulf Coast Region cities that one can post what they can do to help or review all kinds of help to the Hurricane Katrina survivors in the Gulf Coast Region.

I have seen posting on Craigslist for jobs in other states for Hurricane Katrina survivors. Also, I have seen postings from people throughout America to provide housing for folks who have lost their homes as a result of Katrina. The bottom line is here is a way you as an individual can make a difference. It goes beyond giving dollars to really doing something to help people rebuild their lives.

This resource is limited only by your imagination of what one can do on an individual level.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina - How To Help

Here is a link to the American Red Cross to donate online to help those who have been displaced by hurricane Katrina. Also, here is the link to the local chapter of the Red Cross if you want to volunteer your services to help in the days and months ahead.

For updated information regarding aftermath of Katrina, go to National Public Radio's Katrina blog.