Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Enjoy Spring's Locally Grown Freshest Foods

Locally grown food is the new exotic. Consumers are realizing the benefits of eating food that is grown locally:

  • Higher nutrient levels from locally picked produce
  • Better Flavor
  • Think green less fossil fuel for transport
  • Tastes better because it is really fresh
  • You are getting food that is truly in season

Here is the site that can get you up to speed on locally grown food.

Update 4/30/08

Here is a link to your local online Farmers Market with personal delivery.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sprout Builder Now Available to Everyone

On February 3 I posted to this blog a prototype made using the Sprout Builder widget tool available from sproutbuilder.com.

Although still in beta, last week Sprout Builder became available to everyone. What is also great is that the tool as I post this is FREE!

The applications for this tool are endless. For creative folks (writers,musicians, artist, photographers, etc) who want a way to get their work distributed on the net becomes in a word EASY to create,publish and manage.

To get some idea of how the tool is being used, here is a link to the sprout gallery.

If you create a sprout let us know by posting to the comment section of this post.

Hopefully this could turn into a community project where sprouts created locally can be posted on the Katonahny.com website as a local sprout gallery to be shared with other visitors to the site.

Here is one idea: Sprout Builder can be used for donation purposes by local organizations:

  1. Community Services
  2. Sports teams - Little League etc.
  3. Fire Dept
  4. Churches
  5. Politicians
  6. etc.

Here is an example of how this was done using the ChipIn services available at Sproutbuilder.com

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring Preview - Riding the Carousel @ Katonah Carnival

With Spring around the corner here is a preview of the joys of outdoors to come.

Video by: atmasphere