Monday, February 28, 2005

Om My Closes

In October 2004, the Katonah Museum of Art commissioned Brooklyn artist Jennifer Zackin to create a site-specific installation in town to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The Om My exhibit ran from
November 4, 2004 to March 1, 2005.

Here are members of Katonah Village Improvement Society
helping to dismantel the exhibit.

Allison Chernow & Mary Beth Kass-
KVIS Volunteer Helping Out

The exhibit was made with the help of many volunteers who gave many hours of their time to bring this exhibit to life. More..

This was the Katonah Museum's first foray into the world of public art.

The goal of public art is:

  • To bring people together and engage them in the world they occupy.
  • To see art in unexpected places.
  • To stimulate conversation.
  • To access and enjoy art free of charge in the course of people's daily routine

The Om My Project was co-sponsored by
The Katonah Museum of Art and The Katonah Village Improvement Society

It is coincidental that today also marks the closing of the public art exhibit - The Gates - in New York City

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