Sunday, February 06, 2005

Idea: Gazebo- Katonah Information Center

Some years ago, in the heart of Katonah we had this beautiful Gazebo pictured above.
It was an interesting space in town. Some say too interesting, because it drew a lot
of teenagers and become a "hangout" if you will. I myself enjoyed the space and thought
it a welcome addition to the community.

Unfortunatley, it burned down. I don't recall the year, and yet since that time it stands as vacant unused space
in the heart of Town.

This is the way it looks today.

It struck me that would it not be a great idea to take the concept of the Gazebo,
and enhance it to house an Information Kiosk Center? The information center could be viewed as
a hybrid information and web site center.The Katonah Information Center would
blend Katonah's past, present and future in one central location. Local merchants could advertise
on the Kiosk to help support the operation and maintenance of the Katonah Information Center.

The Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. is a leading producer of kiosk centers in the
country. They have developed oudoor kiosk centers as well, which would more
then likely be the requirement for a Katonah Information Center.

Here are examples of outdoor kiosk currently on the market:

Here are examples of operational Community Information Center.

Informal Poll

Could you take a moment to register your opinion as to whether or not the Gazebo/Katonah Information Center is a good idea for this
unused space in Katonah.


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