Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Michael Skolnik - Independent Film Maker

It is always a joy to have kids you have known to grown up and really take off as young adults.

Such one kid (or rather young man) is Michale Skolnik. The son of Martha and Simon Skolnik, who are neighbors of mine.

As my kids, who are now adults and good friends of Michale since they were young kids, would say Mike is kicking it.

But what makes Mike especially unique is his approached to film making.

As he states in his Facebook profile -

"I am a filmmaker who is trying to tell the stories of those that normally do not have a chance to tell their own."

His latest film project is producing a feature this year, called Entre Nos, (the trailer is below).

Mike is a gifted person and he sums it up quite nicely in his facebook profile:

"I am only 30, and I know I have been very lucky to have success very young. This is not about me. This is about us."

His latest film project will have it's World Premier at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Here are the details:

We have three screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival

Saturday, April 25 @ 6pm
Wednesday, April 29 @ 4:45pm
Saturday, May 2 @ 3:45pm

For AMERICAN EXPRESS Card Holders tickets go on sale April 14th.

For the general public tickets go on sale April 20th.

Tickets will sell out fast, so hurry and click on the link below on those dates!!!


We can't wait to see you there!

The Entre Nos Family

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