Sunday, October 31, 2004

Public Art to Enliven Katonah Greens

Art In Unexpected Places

This is the installation of a temporary public art project on the island greens along Bedford Road in Katonah. The project, co-sponsored by the Katonah Museum of Art (KMA) and the Katonah Village Improvement Society (KVIS), coincides with a year-long celebration of the Katonah Museum’s 50th Anniversary. It will physically bring art into the life of the community as well as back in front of the Katonah Village Library, where the museum first opened its doors in 1954.

The KMA and KVIS commissioned Brooklyn artist Jennifer Zackin to “wrap” approximately 23 trees with cotton rope that will then be painted in different colors and patterns. Bright pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet stripes of varying widths encircle tree trunks up to six feet high. These vibrant colors have a magnificent transformative quality, appearing playful among the changing colors of fall and will assume a strong presence in winter when the trees are dormant.

Ms. Zackin’s work was created with the participation of students and residents from the community, providing an extraordinary experience for everyone involved while generating a sense of ownership and pride. Installation began on Monday, October 4 and was completed by Friday, October 29

By bringing art into the public arena, Ms. Zackin’s innovative installation adds joy to the village, stimulate conversation among its residents, and allow people to access and enjoy art in the course of their daily routines. “We anticipate that Bedford Road will never be viewed in the same manner again,” says Allison Chernow, KVIS co-president. The installation will be dismantled in March, 2005.

What are your thoughts on this new temporary addition to Katonah Green?

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